We are Patricia and Paul (PD and PD) and we live in the Pacific Northwest in Parkland, Washington. Both of us are retired and we now indulge our interests in photography and in bringing delight to those we photograph. We are not a business, we give away our photos to those we photograph without any charge. We especially like to take pictures of people who normally don't get a lot of attention.

©ALL of the photos and videos posted on this web site are copyrighted. We reserve ALL rights. Please do not download any of these photos or videos without our permission. However, if we do give you permission to download your photo, double-click on the thumbnail to make it bigger. It may take a moment or two before you see the bigger photo. Then right click on the photo, select "save picture as" and tell the program where to save the photo's file.

To contact us, e-mail info@PDandPDphotography.com

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Each of these little photos is a thumbnail. That means you can double-click on each of them and make them bigger and easier to see. To return to this page, click on the left arrow at the top of the browser. If you are going to download your photo, make the thumbnail bigger before downloading and you will get a better copy.

Each of these photos are 8½" x 11" or 11" x 8½" and designed to be printed on glossy photo paper.

January 25, 2015 - Dinner at a new Mexican Restaurant - Parkland, WA




January 23, 2015 - The Tacoma Home and Garden Show - Tacoma, WA

January 15 and 20, 2015 - Supper at El Toro - Puyallup, WA




January 1 - 13, 2015 New Orleans and Caribbean Cruise

We had a great time. We met a lot of very nice people. We ate a lot (I mean a lot) of good food. We had some warm weather and sunshine and that is was the main reason for leaving Seattle.

Day 1 - Leaving New Orleans


Day 2 and 3 - Sailing to Jamaica



Day 4 - Montego Bay, Jamaica



Day 5 - Grand Cayman Island



Day 6 - Cozumel, Mexico



Visiting the WWII Museum in New Orleans



January 1,2,3 and 11 and 12 - Images of New Orleans












To contact us, e-mail info@PDandPDphotography.com

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